Gmail is a popular mailing service used globally. Gmail users may face various types of issues from time to time. These can include common login problems, issues caused because of viruses or malware in the personal computer, hacking problems, improper configuration of the email settings, common network issues. This blog discusses in detail the various Gmail issues, solutions to the problems. The email user can refer to this blog to cater to common login problems. If the email user finds it difficult to deal with Gmail issues then he or she can get in touch with the customer support team. The customer support team comprises of tech professionals who are skilled in various types of Gmail issues with ease.


What are Common Gmail Issue and Solutions?

Following is an account of common Gmail issues with solutions:-

How to resolve issues where users forget email Id?

If the email users forget their respective email id then they can click on the “Forget email?” link. They will be redirected to a page where they need to input either recovery email id or phone. Upon entering the phone or recovery email id the email user gets a message or email informing the person about the forgotten email id.

How to resolve issues if users forget email passwords?

If the email users forget their respective passwords then they won’t be able to access their respective Gmail accounts. They can use the “Forgot Password?” link to navigate to a page where it is asked to input the last password used. If the email user chooses to use a different option then he or she can do that. The email user can click on “Try another way” and visit the account recovery page. In the account recovery page, the email users are asked to verify their respective phone numbers. During the verification process, the email users get the verification code in their mobile devices. The email users have to enter the verification code to verify their respective mobile phones. The verification code can be obtained either by text or by the call. Upon verification of the email user’s account, the email users get a link to reset their respective passwords. The password reset process is easy and involves a few simple steps. While creating the password it is advised to the email users to create a unique and strong password. A unique and strong password helps to keep the Gmail account safe and secure.

How to resolve issues where viruses or malware are there on the PC?

If viruses or malware are there in the PC system then it is an indication that the PC is not secure and there are chances of it being hacked. It is important on the part of the email users to install and use and effective antivirus or antimalware software to get rid of viruses and malware from the PC system.

How to resolve issues where the Gmail account has been hacked?

Gmail hacking issues are common. Such issues appear if the email users are callous while using their respective mailing services. There are certain symptoms of account hacking and they include the following:-

  • The email user is locked out from using the email
  • The email user is not able to send or receive emails
  • There is a virus or malware that are there in the PC system
  • The email users find that their emails are getting deleted from the inbox

The email users understand that their email is being used to send spam messages. In this context, it is relevant to add that if emails are used to send spam messages then it is likely that such spammy emails are suspended by the Google customer service.

Irrespective of the type of symptoms that the email users face, they need to try resetting the email password. Besides, the email users require to download, install and use and effective antivirus or antimalware software to ensure that the PC system is devoid of viruses and malware. If issues persist then it is recommended that the email users visit the Gmail customer care for solutions.

What happens if Gmail settings improperly configured?

If Gmail settings are not configured properly then email users cannot send or receive emails. Therefore, it is important to configure the Gmail settings. If this configuration can be done DIY by the email users then it is a good thing or else the email users can get in touch with the customer support Gmail team for assistance.

How is Gmail customer support important?

Gmail customer support team comprises of professionals who are expert in providing high-quality services to resolve common issues that Gmail users face. The customer support team remains available on a 24×7 basis and customers can reach them at any point of the day.

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